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How much does it cost to remove a tree?

This is one of the most common questions that I get asked from people.  It doesn’t matter whether I have seen the tree or not people want me to tell them how much it cost to remove a tree.  However there is no clear answer to this, and there never will be.  Every tree is different, and therefore each one of them will cost a different amount to remove.

There are many things that go into removing a tree and all of them will directly effect the amount that it cost to have it done.  Things like how big is the tree, is the tree alive or dead, where the tree is in relationship to buildings, how much of it over hangs the building, if it will have to be climbed and pieced apart, will a crane be needed, can stuff be dropped straight to the round or will it all have to be lowered down on ropes, and what the access is to the tree among many other things all will be determinate of how much it will cost to have it removed.

In the urban environment trees often are planted in very tight spots, and are allowed to grow very large right next to, and over things such as your house or other buildings.  When this is the case, a climber will have to climb up into the tree then use chainsaws and ropes to precisely take the tree apart piece by piece.  There is a lot of skill and experience involved with this type of removal, and always inherent risk to all involved in the removal process as well is to the valuable structures below.

Although tree removal can be a costly thing, when looking to have a tree removed focusing on price alone is a poor choice. As I just stated, when removing a tree there is a lot on the line.  This being the case, it is imperative that you hires someone who is very qualified to do the work. Sure there are guys who you can find in the classifieds who claim they can do the work, and will do it for a lower cost then a legitimate tree care company, but most of the time they carry no insurance, and they don’t have the skills that are truely required to do the work.

If your serious about having a tree removed, contact your local certified arborist and have them come out an take a look at it.  Ask them to see copies of their insurance, and ask them if they can provide you with references to some clients who they have done tree removals from in the past.  If they can not provide either of these two things you should surly walk away.  If a tree is overhanging your house endangering both your house and your family, do you really think that during its removal is the time to save a few dollars? No.  Tree removal is a very dangerous operation requiring lots of skill and experience, so make sure that you find a qualified company.

Good luck, and once you have found a qualified company to remove that tree, be sure to have your cameras ready when they come to take it down, its like nothing you have ever seen before.




Why are you cutting down that tree?

As an arborist working in an urban environment, this is a questio0n that I have become very accustomed to answering.  People love trees, and are never very happy to see them cut down.  I understand this; trees provide a lot of benefits such as shade and beauty, however, they can also cause a lot of problems and even become very hazardous.

I believe that tree removal should be the last resort, but in many circumstances it is a necessary part of urban forestry.  Trees can damage property, they can out-grow the spot they were planted in, and like people trees eventually will come to the end of their life and when they do they often become hazardous.  When all other options have been pursued with no success, it is time for a tree to be removed.

During a tree removal I often experience people who are very unhappy that the tree is being removed.  However, usually once I take the time to talk with someone who is unhappy about the removal, they realize that there was a good reason to cut the tree down.  In this area there are typically only two reason that we remove a tree: the tree is dead, or it was planted in the wrong place for that tree.Both of these reasons are easily avoidable with a little awareness and the proper care.

So the next time you are thinking about where you are going to plant a tree, or if you are concerned about the health of you tree contact a certified arborist sooner rather than later.  The sooner you address your tree problem, whether that is a sick tree that needs help, or a tree that needs to be pruned for whatever reason it may need it, the sooner you take care of it the better, and a certified arborist in your area is your best resource to take care of those problems as soon as possible.

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