Tree care is more than you think

Jeff Meagher teaches you about quality care for your trees

About the author

I’m a student, an arborist, and a passionate adventurer located in Reno Nevada. I will graduate this spring with a Bachelors degree in Business Management from the University of Nevada Reno, and from there will continue to follow my passion in arboriculture in the pursuit of one day owning my own tree car company.  I started working with trees when I was 22 years old when my best friend got me a job working for a wild land fire fighting hand crew that did fuels reduction when were not fighting fire.  It was there that I picked up a chainsaw and discovered a natural ability to run one.  That fall when the fire season was over and I was laid off for the season, I was hired on as ground man for a tree care company here in Reno.  Within weeks I knew I had found a passion that would stick with me for life.

Over the next year I soaked in every bit of information about trees that I could get my hands on.  From the ISA certified arborists on staff, to internet forums and books, all I could think about was trees.  Before long I had moved on from dragging brush as a groundman to an apprentice climber still soaking in information like a sponge.  Within no time I was doing technical removals and large pruning jobs; I just couldn’t get enough.

Now days I am the lead climber and foreman for a local tree care company here in town.  I find that my passion for trees continues to grow as does my love for teaching people about quality tree care.  It is one of the most satisfying feelings knowing that you helped solve someone’s tree care problems and knowing that they understand what needs to be done and why.  As someone who likes to know the ins and outs of everything I am involved in I make it a priority to explain to all my customers why quality tree care is important and that they usually have more options then they think.

When not working or going to school I can almost always be found outside chasing after the next adventure.  I am an avid rock climber, cyclist, backpacker, tele skier, former nordic ski racer, alpine mountaineer, fly fisher, and kayaker.  I am constantly looking for the next adventure, or the next way to get an adrenaline fix.  As so many can probably relate to, I find that getting exercise in the great outdoors makes me incredibly happy and allows me to recharge myself. All in all I can be summed up as young thrill chaser; from kayaking down class 3 white water, to climbing the high peaks of my home mountain range, the Sierra Nevadas, any time away from the ordinary is what I am after.


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