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Should I remove my tree?

Tree removal is often a tough decision for property owners to make.  Trees are often big and beautiful, and take a long time to grow, so the choice to remove one often comes with much remorse for those making said decision.  As an arborist I have seen a big change in myself from when I entered into the business, to now.  Where I once was a happy go lucky tree killer, whose solution for every problem was a horizontal pruning cut, (Thats a joke.  Think about it for a second and you’ll get it), I am now a much more conservative tree cutter, who often times feels a little remorse myself to have to cut one down.  That being said, tree removal is a necessary thing, especially in urban areas where we must find a balance of tree health and human life.

There are many reasons, to remove a tree.  The obvious ones are because it is dead, ugly, or is a possible danger.  However, there are also many not so obvious reasons, like it is causing or is going to cause property damage; it is harming the health of other trees, or simply because it is ugly.  Over the next few weeks I will go into detail about each one of these things, and the other options you have, but until then I am going to keep things fairly general.

When we are consulting with clients about tree removal, unless they are sure they want a tree removed, in which case we will certainly oblige to remove the tree (And we a are VERY good at it I might add), we try to offer them every option there is so that they don’t have to cut it down, but the reality is, sometimes trees must be removed; plain and simple.

Something that I often see on a day to day basis is trees that are currently fine, but in the very near future they will become a problem, and will inevitably have to be removed.  I try and stress to our customers that in arboriculture it is important to think long term, and that if they remove the tree today, instead of a few days, months or even years down the road, then plant another tree, it gives their new tree that much more time to grow and be health.

Thanks for tuning in today, and check back soon as we will be looking into some of these reasons for tree removal in more depth in the days to come.



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One thought on “Should I remove my tree?

  1. Great advice, Jeff. Glad to see you still blogging!

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